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Bikram Yoga and Beyond Southern Pines, 190 Bell Avenue, Southern Pines, NC 28387. Telephone: 910-246-2007

Welcome to Beyond Bikram Yoga in the Heart of Southern Pines, NC where a state-of-the-art facility and world-class teachers bring together all walks of life looking for a great place to practice yoga. We offer all types of classes seven days a week, with showers and changing rooms open 30 minutes before and after class. 

Not sure yet? Sign-Up for our Introductory Special $30 = 14 days of consecutive yoga. We offer mat and towel rental for $2 each, plus bottled water and coconut water available. Come check us out and find one that's right for you!

Our Classes

Bikram Yoga (105F)
Yin Yoga (85F)
Vinyasa Yoga (100F)

  Restorative Yoga (85F)
Cool Yoga (75F)

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Look for guided meditations, posture clinics, seminars and workshops
to enrich your yoga experience and help to learn more about yourself and your practice!

Become more fit

Find a more healthy way of life

Increase your mental and physical well being

Today is the day!


Benefits of a Yoga Practice:

Bikram Yoga is a total body workout  Total body workout

Bikram Yoga Improves posture  Improves posture

Bikram Yoga improves balance and coordination  Improves balance and coordination

Bikram Yoga increases  flexibility  Increases flexibility

Bikram Yoga increases muscle strength and tone  Increases muscle strength and tone

Bikram Yoga reduces stiffening of joints  Reduces stiffening of joints

Bikram Yoga boosts energy levels  Boosts energy levels
Bikram Yoga relieves tension  Relieves tension

Bikram Yoga increases lung capacity  Increases lung capacity

Bikram Yoga improves cardio and circulatory health  Improves cardio and circulatory health

Bikram Yoga helps increase bone density  Helps increase bone density

Bikram Yoga boosts immunity  Boosts immunity

Bikram Yoga encourages healthy lifestyle and positive body image  Encourages healthy lifestyle and positive body image

Bikram Yoga has you smiling all the time  Smiling ALL the time!

"Yoga is the perfect vehicle for change of yourself.
First by creating a strong and powerful body and mind.
It is a starting point from which you can begin to realize your human spirit"
Bikram Choudhury


Bikram Yoga is the series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises popularized by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram began teaching in India under the guidance of his guru, Bishnu Ghosh [Paramahansa Yogananda’s brother], until he was instructed to take the therapeutic practice east to Japan. There, he noticed that the students weren’t able to work as deeply into the body and connective tissues, releasing toxins, and increasing medical benefits as quickly as they did in his homeland. When he spoke with his guru, he was told to heat the room. The space heaters installed, the students began improving quickly, showing the benefits of their practice… The genesis of ”hot yoga”.

When Bikram moved from Japan to the United States, he founded a studio in Beverly Hills and became the teacher to the stars bringing his series, his style, and “hot yoga” mainstream.

However, Bikram Yoga is more than just the one man. After all, the history of yoga traces back over 5,000 years [Some researcher believe it may be up to 10,000 years old!] with countless gurus, styles, and interpretations.

Our lineage begins with Mahavatar Babaji to Lahiri Mahasaya to Sri Yukteswar Giri to Paramahansa Yogananda.

Matavatar Babaji
Lahiri Mahasaya
Sri Yukteswar Giri

Indian yogi, guru, and the father of Kriya Yoga. Some refer to him as a mythical as reports seeing him date from the 1800s into present day; others believe that he is a younger version of Lahiri Mahasaya. According to Yogananda's autobiography, Babaji lives in the remote Himalayan region of India. Fun fact: Legend tells that if you've lost something, ask Babaji to help you find it… And, he will.

Indian yogi, guru, and disciple of Mahavatar Babaji. Chosen by Babaji to reintroduce the lost practice of Kriya Yoga, his students included Yukteswar Giri and both of Yogananda's parents.

Indian yogi, guru, and scholar, he developed a syllabus for teaching the sciences in schools. His book, The Holy Science, speaks of the common threads amongst all faiths. He was the guru of Paramahansa Yogananda.


Indian yogi and guru. He brought meditation and Kriya Yoga to the attention of millions of Indian's and westerners. In 1920, he founded the Self-Realization Fellowship and in 1924 established a home for the fellowship in Los Angeles, California where it still resides today. His book, Autobiography of a Yogi, has been translated into 45 different languages providing inspiration for many.

"Everything, at first, is an idea, a special creation […]
First, free yourself from wrong thoughts and habits.
Second, establish good habits and perform good deeds.
If you keep trying, you will improve.
A saint is a sinner who never gave up.
Never give up!"

Paramahansa Yogananda

Bikram Hot Yoga Home page
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Bikram Hot Yoga Classes and Services
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